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Daria and Jane

Favorite Cartoon as a kid.

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I created a collection with HTC Share and I want to share it with you. Click the link below to check it out.
Discovery Place with Korde’”

Proud Papa Armah and baby Phoebe. #HappyBirthday

HAPPY SUNDAY: Me and my nephew had a nice Auntie+Nephew Day.
It went like this:
  1. Looking fresh to def with my favorite baby boy.
  2. Talked about what being a “Born Sinner” was and gave a quick overview of the story of “Adam & Eve and The Knowledge Tree” thanks to J.Cole being our Sunday Drive soundtrack to Teen Church.
  3. My nephew was introduced to the story of Daniel & the Lions Den and a first-hand account of Jim Crow by the teen church minister. The message was focusing on young people—Daring to be different & finding their purpose like Daniel and Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Lastly, we chatted it up at #SweetFrog about what he learned from the Teen Church lesson and found some great Bible Apps for Kids to put on his smartphone.

Very grateful to have a chance to spend time with him & to chat about God while helping to develop his spiritual knowledge and well being.

I love this little boy so much.


Sending Birthday #Love to the little X-Man! #3years #B-DayFun #StartUpLife #StartUpKids #StartUpFamily #FriendsForever

Shoutot to all my fellow Afropunks out there. #BlowoutDay #YouCantu